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Shoes: The Poetry Workshop

“Shoes, the secret face of my inner life” Charles Simic

We all wear them to protect our feet, yet shoes are objects that take many forms beyond the functional. From Seven League Boots to Glass Slippers to Red Dancing Shoes, footwear can be powerful symbols of class, of empowerment, or of transformation. In this workshop we will explore visual images, folktale and touchstone poems to inspire us towards the production of new work.

Poetry Workshop

Eileen Sheehan           9 August 2024


Author of  The Narrow Way of Souls




Screenwriting Workshop from Kate O’Riordan, novelist and creator of Smother, Blackshore and lead writer on Mr Selfridge among screen credits.

Screenwriting Workshop. Immerse yourself in the art of screenwriting with our day-long workshop! Delve into the intricacies of screenplay writing as we explore what makes this form of storytelling unique. Discover the distinctions between a novel and a screenplay, guiding you to discern which medium best serves your creative vision. Through tailored exercises and discussions, learn the essential elements of crafting a compelling screenplay, from character development to plot structure. Gain insight into the preparation required for effective writing and delve into the process of writing a 'spec' script. Engage in a lively Q&A session as we discuss strategies for bringing your screenplay to market. Whether you're a novice or seasoned writer, this workshop offers invaluable tools and knowledge to elevate your screenwriting skills.

Screenwriting Workshop

with Kate O’Riordan       2 August 2024


Creator of Smother, Blackshore and lead writer on Mr Selfridge




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