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Kenmare Windows
Arts Exhibition 2022

This is an open submission exhibition of art works displayed in the business windows around Kenmare town, at the Kenmare Butter Market and the Carnegie Arts Centre. Any artist may submit one or two original works including a painting, a limited-edition print, or a photographic work.

The exhibition opening will be launched at the Kenmare Butter Market on 31st July and runs to the end of the festival, 28th August. The Mill Cove Awards for artists in the exhibition will be presented at the opening.

There will be three awards for works of distinction in any medium by any artist in the exhibition

- first award - €450, second award - €250, third award - €100 and the Emerging artist award €100.

Other awards will be announced as declared


We are now taking submissions from artists.

See below for further details. 

Final Submission Deadline: Sunday, June 25th 2022 at 5:00 pm

Conditions of Entry

  1. Submissions must be original and not previously exhibited.  A painting, a limited-edition print, a photographic work, may be submitted for selection for the exhibition and sale.  Submissions are by digital images (email) or photos (see 6). 

  2. You may submit up to two works only.  Please note that a diptych, triptych, or polyptych is counted as one piece.  The submission fee is €10 for one for two works.  PLEASE SEE PAYMENT OPTIONS ON THE ENTRY FORM.

  3. Work must not be larger than 60cm x 60cm.

  4. Forms must be completed and returned to on or before Sunday June 26th, 2022.

  5. Please submit digital images in jpeg/gif etc.  You may email your images with your form.  1-2 images of each work may be submitted i.e., a maximum of 4 images.  You may submit photos with your form and payment directly to Mill Cove Gallery.

  6. Work submitted must be ready for exhibition without any further work needed on it.  It must be corded and (preferably) framed ready to hang. If selected work is unprepared or unsuitable for display it will not be included in the exhibition.

  7. Work must be priced to include a commission of 30% (this includes all charges including VAT and credit card charges).  Please ensure the selling price is correct on your form as this cannot be changed once the work is submitted.  Submitted work with excessive and inappropriate prices will not be selected. We can advise you on the pricing of your work if so required. Payments for sales will be made 30 days after the end of the exhibition.

  8. Selected work will be exhibited in the business windows in Kenmare, the Carnegie Arts Centre, and the Butter Market. All decisions regarding the display and placement of the artwork will be decided by KMEG. Art works may not be removed until the exhibition is finished.

  9. If the selected work presented on your form (by email or photos) differs from the work submitted it will not be included in the exhibition.

  10. Selection of the work will be made on merit by a panel of four judges.  The judges’ decision is final. You will be notified by email, text, or phone about the status of your entry on or before Sunday 17th July 2022.

  11. Work selected may be handed in to Kenmare Butter Market, Kenmare on 28th and 29th July 2022 between 2-5pm.  Work will only be accepted at these times.

  12. Work may be delivered to Kenmare Butter Market, Kenmare by post/courier from 2022 between 11am-5pm.  All delivery and collection charges are the responsibility of the artist.   

  13. The Summer Arts Exhibition of selected work will open at the Butter Market in Kenmare Town, Co. Kerry 4pm to 6pm on Sunday 31st July 2022.  The awards will be presented at the opening event. The event will continue until 28th August 2022.

  14. By signing the entry form the Artist licences Kenmare Marketing and Events Group (KMEG) to reproduce their work for publicity purposes in relation to the exhibition.  

  15. All enquiries regarding the Summer Art Exhibition should be directed to

  16. The utmost care will be taken of all work submitted but Kenmare Marketing and Events Group, Carnegie Arts Centre or the Butter Market will not be responsible for any damage, loss of, or destruction to any work for any reason whatsoever.  Any insurance should therefore be affected by the artist against all risks.

  17. Unsold work must be collected on 30th and 31st August 2-5pm from the Butter Market.

Dates To Remember:
1.  Submit fee, form, and images before 5 pm on Sunday 26th June 2022
2. Notification of selection on or before Sunday 17th July 2022
3. Deliver work to Kenmare Butter Market on 28th or 29th July 2022, 2-5pm
Summer Art Exhibition opens at the Kenmare Butter Market 31st July 2022 4pm to 6pm with  the Presentation of the Awards.
5. Summer Art Exhibition runs until 28th August 2022.

6. Collection of unsold work on 30th and 31st August 2-5pm from the Butter Market.

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