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A Celebration of Irish Ceramics 

The exhibition will showcase exceptional unique ceramic artworks, including the following artists:

Adrian Brothers - Naked Raku: Simple raw beauty and intricate designs of Adrian's naked raku pieces, each one a testament to the artist's exceptional skill (Derry)

Ursula McGivern - Sculptural Ceramic Work: Ursula's sculptures bring a dynamic and expressive quality to ceramic art with their form and presence. (Derry)

Claire Finlay - Sculptural Mackerel and Hares: detailed mackerel and hare sculptures are both charming and lifelike. (Mayo)

Leona Devine - 'Hares': Leona Devine's unique hare sculptures are a standout feature, showcasing her incredible talent and distinctive style. (Derry)

Tatiana Dobos - Wall Ceramic Sculptures: Tatiana Dobos' wall sculptures highlighting the versatility of ceramic art. (Galway)

Sally Cush - Hand Built Vessels: Experience the tactile and organic forms of Sally Cush's hand built vessels, each piece reflecting a deep connection to the material.(West Cork)

Aisling Roche - Sea-Inspired Porcelain Work: Aisling Roche's porcelain pieces draw inspiration from the sea, evoking a sense of tranquility and natural beauty. (West Cork)

Ciara O'Keeffe - Profound wall pieces : Ciara's profound ceramic works invite contemplation and admiration, demonstrating the depth and emotional resonance of her art. (Kildare)

Eileen Singleton - new sculptural work from this seasoned ceramic expert (Waterford)

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